What To Expect When Approaching Menopause Age


Many women want to know what their menopause age will be.

This is tough to answer because menopause occurs over a period of years and does not just happen – boom – all at one moment.


Is there a magical age that fertility shuts off and dubs you are a “post-menopausal woman?” The answer is no.

Really, menopause happens gradually over a ten to fifteen year span and varies individually.

However if you want to pinpoint an average age that officially puts a woman in the post-menopausal status, try the early 50’s. Remember this is an “average age” and not set in stone for you necessarily.

As far as genetics are concerned, the age the first cycle came determines how long the reproductive years will last.

The rule of thumb here is the earlier the cycle starts, the later it will be finished. Likewise, the later it starts, the earlier it will be finished.
A girl that starts her cycle at 14 will likely go through menopause in her 40’s and a girl that starts at age 9 may be in her upper 50’s.

Generally, though, a woman will go through menopause naturally around the same age as her mother, if her mother went through it naturally too. Often the symptoms will also be the same as for her mother.

Peri or Pre Menopause

Before the magic menopause age hits you will go through a time of peri or pre menopause.
This normally starts ten to fifteen years before the actual day you stop having cycles. This can start on average in the latter thirties. (Although some women experience “premature menopause” and may have this occur in their twenties. Rarely this stage may hit as late as their 60’s.)
Very rare, some women may experience pre menopausal symptoms in their latter teens. Sometimes the reasons behind this are other medical issues.
How can a woman have menopause age in their 60’s? That is really against everything you probably hear about it, but it does occur on occasion.
Lifestyle and genetics have everything in the world to do with the age a woman goes through the “change.”
If a woman never has hormonal issues, she may skirt through menopause with no symptoms or signs. It might be she will go through it much later.

A natural menopause age means the onset and time occur naturally, without major issues.

If a woman takes good care of herself, if she eats right, gets plenty of exercise, and lives a healthy lifestyle, she will be more likely to go through menopause naturally with no issues.
If a woman has problems, such as cancer or fertility problems, she may have menopause earlier due to hysterectomy or medications. But then again, sometimes these things happen and it has nothing to do with an unhealthy lifestyle. Some women may have a predisposition to have reproductive issues.

Menopause Age and Hormonal Imbalance – Are they the same?

If a woman experiences hormonal imbalances in their twenties or thirties, does this always mean it is pre-menopause?

No, it is not necessarily a sign of menopause if the reproductive hormones are imbalanced in a younger woman. If it happens, you should see a doctor.

Symptoms At The Start of Menopause Age

Symptoms may or may not be present in the early stages of menopause. Again, it depends on the health and lifestyle.

If you are a smoker and drinker and eat junk food, you will most likely have symptoms, because you are not treating your body right.
If you eat right, exercise and practice good habits, you may be able to sail right through the symptoms.

Symptoms start out mild in the form of period fluctuations. They may space out and be off by a couple of days for months, or they may come closer together.

When you reach that menopause age you may have cycles where the bleeding becomes heavier than normal, or they may go in the opposite direction and become lighter. Sometimes these changes may last for a few short months before moving on or they may last for years.

Other symptoms that will show as peri menopause moves into menopause are night sweats and hot flashes. These will vary in intensity and frequency with each individual.

Menopause Age More Pronounced Because of Imbalances in Hormones

If a woman’s reproductive hormones stayed perfectly balanced, she would not experience any of the menopausal symptoms.
She would simply glide from being fertile into not being fertile. She would wake up one day and her cycles will cease. She will not have the bleeding issues or the hot flashes or moodiness.
Oh, to be  that lucky!

Believe it or not, few women are and you can bet they are lucky to have good genes and a very healthy lifestyle too. However, the majorities do have hormonal imbalances and thus experience the signs and symptoms of menopause in various degrees.

These symptoms include  the inability to handle stress, moodiness, and depression.

Other symptoms brought on by menopause age are headaches; you know the kind you got during that time of month. Well, maybe “you” did not, but many women suffer from “hormone migraines.”
These types of headaches may be more frequent during menopause, unfortunately.

However, Menopause Age does not have to be such a bad transition.

As you approach menopause age, remember this:
All women will have to go through menopause; even famous queens and actresses go through it. It is a fact of life.

You can either accept the changes, or you can fight it, though chances are nature will win. Always does.

Women go through it naturally, either when they reach the age, in their 40 or 50 or they go through it forcibly when they have surgery and have their ovaries removed.

There are supplements that help to ease the transition into the menopause age. Herbs like black cohosh and evening primrose oil help as well as natural hormone creams.
In particular, natural progesterone cream is very beneficial in helping to balance all the hormones in the body and especially the reproductive hormones.
If the hormones are balanced, the menopause symptoms will be less severe or non-existent.

Often the years of menopause occurs simultaneously with years when the woman needs all her strength to take care of old parents and in-laws, to cope with difficult conditions on the labor market, and often also taking care of grandchildren.
If that is the case, menopause symptoms can be devastating for the woman’s life and a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended.


Even though hormone pills are known to be able to damage the body if used for postponing the menopause for many years, a few years use in consultation with the doctor can be just what is needed to get you through a difficult period of your life.

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