Over the Counter Sleep Aids


Over the counter sleep aids can be just the thing to help you to sleep, and you may find that these OTC sleep aid options may be a good choice for you.

While there are many natural sleep aids that will work, there is no guarantee that a natural sleep aid or homeopathic sleep aid will work.

The truth is that even the best OTC sleep aid won’t always work either, so you need to try the various remedies and aids that you can find to see which will be the most effective sleep aids for you.

What You Need to Know About OTC Sleep Aids

Although it feels terrible, a night or two of being unable to sleep isn’t the same as a month of serious insomnia, and the truth is that being unable to sleep for a few days isn’t serious enough to go to the doctor.
It may just be that you’re having trouble sleeping due to a broken sleeping pattern, or you may be suffering from anxiety – which is a major cause of sleep problems.

If you want to deal with the sleeping problem, taking an OTC sleep aid can be just the thing to help you get to sleep properly at night, and if the anxiety and troubled thoughts is a temporary problem, that might be exactly what you need to get sleep enough to deal with the problems in daytime.

Over the counter sleep aids are going to be medications, which means that you can expect some side effects from them.

It’s important that you don’t take them just because you think you’re not sleeping well at night, but consider carefully before taking them.
You need to be certain that you really do need the sleeping aids, as it’s best to avoid filling your body with chemicals and medications as much as possible. Only once you’re sure you need the OTC sleeping aids should you actually pick one up at your local pharmacy.

You also need to be certain to follow the instructions on the bottles to the letter, as the OTC sleep aid products are designed to be taken with a very specific dosage and at a very specific time.over-the-counter-sleep-aids


Taking any medication means that you will need to follow through on the recommended dosage and treatment plan, so make sure to follow the instructions that are printed clearly on the label as much as possible.
If you do so, they will be a safe choice that may be just what you need to help you get to sleep at night.

The average OTC sleep aid is going to be fairly effective, and the best over the counter sleep aids will help you to get to sleep within 15 to 30 minutes. The half life of the medications will be between 3 and 12 hours, which means that you will be able to get about 6 to 12 hours of sleep a night easily.

You may still feel drowsy if the half life of the medication is longer than 6 hours, as the medication is taking time to metabolize in your body and thus is still having an effect.
Make sure to find the medication that will have the correct half life and will help you to sleep the right amount.


This long and fancy sounding name is the chemical term for the ingredient used in many medications.

This is the generic name for medications like Benadryl and Sominex, and it is used in Tylenol PM (a medication that helps to cure colds and fevers and will help you to sleep).

You will find that this particular sleep aid is an antihistamine, and it is often used to help deal with motion sickness or prevent allergic reactions in children. You will find that it has a nice sedative effect, which makes it effective as a treatment for sleeping problems.

There have been many cases where those taking too many Tylenol PM pills have experienced negative side effects, so it’s important that you are careful if you take any form of this medication.

It could lead to daytime drowsiness, which can be very dangerous if you spend a lot of time driving or operating machinery.

Taking too many of these Tylenol pills can be toxic to your liver, so only take them if you’re trying to relieve pain as well as deal with sleeping problems.


This is another drug that works just like the one above, and it is a similar antihistamine that is used to treat similar problems.

Unisom is probably the most commonly-known brand that you can find of this medication, and you will find that it is one of the best treatments to help you to deal with sleeping problems.
If you are careful when taking this medication and follow the instructions on the box exactly, you will find that you should be able to deal with the problem fairly effectively.

The truth is that there are going to be generic products made using these ingredients, and they can be just as effective as the brand name ones.
If you want to ensure that you stay healthy while taking these medications, it’s best to avoid taking any other medications. If you’re already on any other kind of supplement or medication, check with your doctor in order to be certain that there will be no negative side effects.

You will find that there are going to be some side effects if you take this medication, though you may not experience all of them. Some of the side effects include:

Daytime drowsiness, which means that you will still feel tired during the day as a result of the medication.
This can be very dangerous if you drive a lot or operate machinery, as you may fall asleep at the wheel.

Dizziness, which can be dangerous due to the fact that you may end up falling down and injuring yourself.

Nausea – possibly accompanied by vomiting.

These side effects are important to be aware of, as they may lead you to avoid taking the medications.
Make sure to check with a doctor before taking any over the counter sleep aids – any OTC medications for that fact – as that will ensure that you can avoid health problems.

Avoid Dependencies and Rebound Sleep Problems when Taking Over the Counter Sleep Aids

One thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that your body may end up becoming dependent on the medication.

As your body gets accustomed to the medication aiding in your sleep, you may find that your body won’t be able to produce sufficient chemicals to promote healthy sleep without the medications.
This is because your body adapts to its environment, and knowing that it will get more of the chemicals in the medications makes the body think that it can slack off and not work to produce them on its own.


If you experience this, you may find that you have rebound sleep problems once you stop taking the medication. Your body won’t be able to produce enough of the hormones needed to help you relax, so you won’t be able to sleep properly.
You may find that the medications will cause insomnia or anxiety-related sleep problems to be an issue, and you may end up worse off than you were before you took the medications.

It’s important that you know what to expect when taking these over the counter sleep aids, as that’s the only way to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your sleep problems. You should try to keep these medications as your last remedy, as they will be risky and may cause other problems in your body. It’s always best to try the natural methods of improving your sleep, as there are no side effects.

If, however, you find that the all natural sleep aids don’t work, it’s good to know what to expect when taking this OTC sleep aid medication.

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