Menopause and Weight Gain


What To Do About Menopause Weight Gain

Have you ever heard of the middle age spread? You know the kind of weight gain that hits when we reach middle age. Most women experience this when they reach the age they start going through the change.

It has to do with fluctuating hormones and a slower metabolism.


Gaining a little bit of weight is okay. Some women look better to have a little extra weight, instead of looking too thin.
There is a happy medium, because you do not want to be overweight or obese. You want to find the weight that helps you to feel and look good.

The facts are menopause weight gain is a part of aging. It does not have to be a permanent fact though if you exercise and eat right.

The actual weight gain generally starts during the pre menopause years, as the body is letting go of fertility. If you did nothing to stop it, the weight may pile on, and more may pile on post menopause too.

However, adopting a healthy lifestyle, one where you are physically active and make healthy choices in your diet, the weight gain may not occur.
Is it possible not to gain weight during this time? Yes, if you are living a lifestyle that is both active and includes a healthy diet.

What does menopause weight gain look like?
Typically, when we refer to the “middle age” spread, it means the middle spreads.
For women, this weight gain shows up more so at the abdomen. The weight gain is from a combination of the hormone changes along with lifestyle choices.

Genetics plays a big role in addition, in how the menopause years will affect you. How did your mother do during this time? Your grandmothers? Your older sisters? Look at these people and you can have an idea of how it may affect you as well.

Exercise to Control the Weight Gain

Surely, you have heard how important physical activity is to your health. This is so true at this time in your life.

As you reach the menopause years, the muscles can start to atrophy. You have heard the old saying, “Use it or lose it,” this is very true. The body needs to stay in motion in order to stay at a healthy weight.
If you do not get up and move around, the muscle mass will turn to fat and this will slow you down even more.

The key is to get up and move, exercise, take up walking, working out at the gym, swimming, jog, bicycling, just move around and use your muscles.

Stress is another factor in menopause weight gain.
By this point in life, many women have children leaving the nest, grandchildren, going through divorces, deaths in the family and other things that can cause stress.

Stress like this results in the body slowing the metabolism, and manifests in weight gain. Some feel hopeless, so they turn to food, not caring they are putting on the extra pounds.

One thing to realize is if you take the time to take good care of yourself, you will feel better.

How Dangerous is this Weight you gain when you reach Menopause?

Anytime you gain excessive weight, it poses a risk to your health. However, if you do not gain in excessive, if you are not obese or very overweight you can gain control of the weight gain easily.

However if you do not do anything to control the weight gain you pose risks to your health like high blood sugar (developing type 2 diabetes), high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
These risks turn into other health issues like cardiac issues, and some types of cancer.

To lower the risks of these health issues take control of the weight gain. By losing the weight and controlling it you lowers the risks of these health issues.

How to Prevent to put on Weight

You can prevent weight gain during menopause the same way you prevent it during any other time in your life: By exercise and diet.


Just getting up and moving around each day will go a long way in helping to shed the unwanted pounds and keep them off. If you could just be physically active for at least a half an hour a day, you will go a long ways in helping your body to maintain a good weight.

If you could throw in a couple days a week of extra exercise on top of this, you will be able to lose the weight easy.

Putting on weight is controllable through a good diet. There is no need to go chasing diet plans around. Just trying to choose from a “diet” is stressful. Some are low carb, some are low fat, some count calories, some are low glycemic. Some require you swallow pills, or drink shakes, or place drops under your tongue. Some have you sprinkling stuff on foods even.

Trying to decipher from all the many diet plans on the market today is difficult at best. Many are pricey, if you have to buy their special foods.
Many are just too hard to deal with, so what are you to do?

Effectively lose the menopause weight gain by being sensible when it comes to dieting.

Instead of reaching for processed junk foods, reach for whole foods. Replace the need for candy, cakes, and pies with fresh fruits. Cook foods from fresh vegetables and lean meats for supper.
Do you eat when you are bored or out of habit? Instead of eating try getting up and doing an activity, even if it is walking around the neighborhood.

Just by choosing to eat right, you will more than help your body to lose and maintain your weight.

If you are still finding it difficult to deal with the gaining weight , seek the advice of your healthcare provider. Perhaps you can find the support of a group or a nutritionist or dietician who will help you to figure out how to change your diet and your lifestyle to being healthier.

It is a choice, you can choose right now to make the right one by eating right and exercising. If your weight is at a healthy level, you will feel better all the way around too.

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